Guide to the US Navy 2023

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Guide to the US Navy 2023

In this second edition of the ‘Guide to the US Navy’ we look at where America’s foremost military organisation stands today and assess its future direction in a time of great power rivalry, of major war in Europe and other rising dangers in a turbulent world.

A top team of writers deliver ship type profiles, commentaries and analysis in addition to articles on various components of the USN, which remains a mighty global force to be reckoned with.

Among the things weighed up in this publication is how the US Navy will maintain its edge in the face of a rapidly expanding Chinese Navy while countering Russian maritime forces that have played a role in destroying Ukrainian cities (and are more assertive elsewhere).

The ‘Guide to the US Navy’ also looks at the future shape of American naval forces, including drones and how the amphibious forces and US Marine Corps are reshaping themselves.

Naval history is in the mix too, including a look at 100 years of US Navy aviation and a consideration of how America’s ballistic missile submarine submarines have evolved.

High-impact imagery reveals the surface ships, submarines, jets and helicopters in action along with the sailors and Marines who operate cutting edge, high-tech equipment on a wide variety of missions. It is an epic story, stretching from the Arctic to the Mediterranean, and from the Arabian Gulf to Indo-Asia-Pacific.

100 pages, A4 (297 x 210 mm), soft back